Freedom of Speech!?

I believe as a Muslim that the images ran by Jyllands-Posten are truly against the principle of free speech. I think that people should not ridicule, mock or scorn religious believes. I am writing here to say that as long as the courts in Denmark continue to refuse actions against the Danish daily newspaper—seeking a publicity stunt on the backs of religious respect issues—I will boycott all Danish products including all of my favorite dairy products. I believe that not only is an apology insufficient, it is also silly.

The magazine claims—and I highly doubt—that Jyllands-Posten commissioned and published the cartoons in response to the difficulty of Danish writer Kåre Bluitgen to find artists to illustrate his children's book about Muhammad, for fear of violent attacks by extremist Muslims. Islamic teachings forbid the depiction of Muhammad as a measure against idolatry.

I also encourage everyone to write to the justice ministry [email protected] explaining what they would like to be done. I also think that people should think twice before viewing the caricatures because publicity is just what they need, I will explain about three of the twelve caricatures because I feel strongly that you should not see these images regardless of your faith –or lack thereof—and that you should not use the curiosity excuse to view them. So here goes nothing:

  1. An image of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with his imma or turban shaped like a bomb, in reference to suicide explosions committed by Muslims.

  2. An Image of the prophet with two women in traditional Middle Eastern clothing leaving only their eyes to be seen. While the prophet has his dagger drawn and his eyes-blacked out. I think it doesn't need explanation.

  3. The prophet is displayed stopping a group of Muslim warriors and telling them that we ran out of virgins. In reference to the Islamic prophecy that a Jihad Martyrs will get virgin women in heaven.
While I see them as a sickening derision for Islam, I will say that if this goes on without punishment, I will try to get a holocaust revisionism article under the same name of free speech. I am not a revisionist nor do I believe in it, but if that's free speech as they have claimed then we ought to go all the way, allowing everyone to speak their minds.

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