Palestinian Elections

I think it was stunning to my Muslim friends when I seriously doubted the results of the Palestinian parliamentary elections, and that I wasn't happy when Hamas won, but think of the following:

Hamas won a landslide victory against the ruling Fatah party, but they are on a crossroads, Hamas needs funding to start running the country, the billions of dollars which were contributed to the Palestinians over the years is controlled by Fatah.

As an example, Fatah is the largest real estate owner in the neighboring country Jordan. It also has many legitimate and not-so-legitimate interests all around the world.

People should be aware that Hamas has one of two apparent options at this time:

  1. To renounce terrorism and all acts aimed at the civilian population for a start, and become the striking hand against anyone who wants to infiltrate to areas outside their potential rule, thus acting against its own ideology that people freely and democratically chose. This way they will receive all aid packages promised from the United States, Europe and other donors.

  2. The other route is to go on ahead with their ideologies and look for funding elsewhere, Saudi Arabia has promised $100 million to the Palestinian government. Iran is probably willing to support Hamas as it has done in the past. The latter is a provider to the Islamic Resistance Movement (IRM) which is a literal translation for Hamas.

Notes to be mentioned here are:

  • President Jimmy Carter and the Carter Foundation along with other groups have overseen the elections; this statement can benefit or harm the credibility of the results, depending on where you look at it from.

  • The people chose Hamas as a way to tell Fatah that they aren't wanted in the government, to object to the election style and to disagree with the Oslo Accords. More so than to agree with Hamas strategies.

  • Jihad Militant Group didn't participate in the elections for a major reason, not to divide the popular base between themselves and Hamas. Also not to acknowledge the Oslo Accords, but that didn't stop Hamas which also disapproves with Oslo.

  • Cutting the US and the European funding to the Palestinians will only increase the hate against the west and fuel the desperation, leading to more and more violence.

I honestly believe that Hamas will disown the resistance movement and will play the cards dealt to it. The winners will be the Israelis and the Palestinians will loose yet another card from their thinning deck. Damn, I am obsessing about cards.

Peace, Out

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