Some lingo fun

This top-3 site in the PC-Magazine top-100 is actually quite fun, here are some definitions I consent to:

OhNo-second: The fraction of time (slightly longer than a nanosecond) that it takes to recognize you've just goofed. The perfect example is that moment of horror when your eye spots the key in the ignition as the car door is being slammed shut.

PEBCAK: An acronym used by techies to describe a "problem" when the user is in the room. "Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard."

Cyberslackers: Employees who use the company Internet connection during work hours to surf the Net, shop, play games, check stock prices, etc. Are you one? Here's the test: If you're sitting at your desk and reading this . . .

Atkinsed: To lose weight using the Atkins Diet. “I have recently Atkinsed myself down to a size 12.” Also: A marketing ploy to take advantage of the Atkins Diet craze. “Burger King has Atkinsed its menu.” Pssst! They’ll now sell you the burger without the bun.

deja moo: The nagging feeling that you've heard this bull before.

DINOs: Democrats in Name Only. Despite their party affiliation, they sound and act like Republicans. Their counterparts across the aisle: RINOs (Republicans in Name Only).

Groundhog Day: When a company's management ignores obvious problems allowing them to resurface on a daily basis. Named for the Bill Murray movie of the same name.

Go check it out at http://www.buzzwhack.com also check out http://americanrhetoric.com it's interesting.

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