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Friends, old ones, just keep coming back to me all the time. I like it; I enjoy hearing how everyone progresses differently. Especially intellectually, Jawad, one of my closest friends back in high school, turned out to be more penetrable than I would have imagined. Mais, probably the only person I asked to read this blog, is intellectually superior, although takes actions of pre-historical man as a measure of human nature, I don't know if I agree but I like her method of reaching conclusions.

That got me thinking about myself, at the risk of sounding self-centered I wondered how much I evolved, see I always had mature ideas but none that I was able to envisage on my own. I had Haitham, my brother, to tell me what's right and what's true, yet I always knew there was something about hi knowledge that seemed to good to be true.

His main sources were, after a long period of examination, they were media outlets. While I wouldn't go as far as deem all of them false or counterfeit, I would still say they always tend to have a bias. Who doesn't? well, it's the degree of bias that troubles me, media is by definition looking to attract the receiver, they want to make profit.

If this wasn't for free courtesy of our big bros at google, then I would definitely be doing the same thing. I wrote for publications who asked me to ease down the tempo a bit, I did because they need the advertisers just as much as I needed the cash. That is not a lot, I could have lived without that money, but still I did take it to improve.

Now that I can speak my mind, this world isn't a great place, some parts are but in the general sense it isn't. If a 20 year-old female wrote me saying that American are the best educated in the world, that she thinks they have the highest incomes, and that they are the most respected in the world judging by the migration stats, then sorry, but truth is a bit farther away at least.

There a four kind of men (actually people):
  1. A man who knows and knows he knows.

  2. A man who knows and doesn’t know he knows.

  3. A man who doesn't know and knows he doesn't know.

  4. A man who doesn't know but thinks he knows.

In that order I think it's fair to say I moved up from number 4 to anywhere in the region of 3 and 2. I don't what I know but I know I should look for it. I got rid of the notion that books have answers, they merely have hints, and it's all in your head.

Still, I live life to the fullest, and all of you should do the same. I tried everything at least once and I'm still around to talk about it.

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Mays-Maria said...

Hey Radi.. i too have a blog now... thanks for the tip! *hugs* maysmaria.blogspot.com btw, you're mentioned ;)