All the way left-wing

I am in the Left-Wing, regardless how you feel about God or how you think I feel about Islam. I still am a socialist, it's not a religion and not a life-style.
I said that to more than a million people in the past week after I wrote: "Lefty or Righty Bush?".

I talked about how Leftist teaching starts from the day you enter schools in the US and doesn't quit. So how come we get all those rightists in the centre of the political arena? Where do they get their votes from? I guess it's hard being secular in a country founded on freedom of relegion and when their ancestors fled to the other side of the Atlantic to run away from persecution and relegious nutshells.

I guess I like secularism now more than ever, Islam being so feared and all. I also like how france is modeled, their economic system and their moral standards. If I knew french I would have moved there, they have a large Arabic community if I care and the do have the Airbus company.

Peace, Out

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