You'll Never Walk Alone

Well just wanna wish Liverpool FC good luck on this season; I know we won the Champions League last season but still it's scary we don't get a seat at the 32. The world cup does the same thing, but hey we can easily make to the 32. Hoping Owen comes back and hoping Moores would dig deep enough in his pocket to pay up for the kopite hero.

We won the first match of the premiership against Sunderland 1-0. The first two matches of the EUFA Champions League knockout stage against TNS twice 3-0, the next ones we won 3-1 and 2-0 against FBK Kaunas and for the third knockout stage CSKA Sofia 3-1. The next one is tomorrow at Anfield against Sofia.

We are too early in the season to have any losses, and we only tied once in the Barclays Championship against Middlesbrough. We are on a good run for a treble if Owen comes back.
Liverpool FC 101:
  • Anfield: The field we play at, our stadium, and so will be called our new 60,000 seat stadium planned to be built.

  • Kop: another term for Anfield

  • Kopite: A fan of Liverpool FC

  • Liverpool FC: Liverpool Football Club, they play what is in British English Football or what many parts of the world just call soccer. More than 100 years, no English club can match the Liverpool FC roll of honour; League Champions 18 times, FA Cup winners 6 times, League Cup winners 6 times, European Cup winners 5 times and UEFA Cup winners 3 times. That's a total of 38 amazing achievements, not to mention the club double in 1986 with FA cup and League. And don't forget the cup treble –triple- in 2001, we are talking three cups in one season, FA cup, Worthington cup and the UEFA cup!!!Never happened in History, will happen –hopefully- again this season, with Owen again on the squad.

  • Liverpudlian: A fan of Liverpool.

  • Moores: Liverpool Chairman

  • You'll Never Walk Alone: Theme Song and Motto Of Liverpool FC
More lessons to come
Best of luck Liverpool