We won, ypee :(

So we did win the Super Cup, but was it really that good? I mean you have to give credit for Djibril Cisse for his amazing equalizer and the goal that set us up to win in Extra Time. He also was responsible for aiding in Luis Garcia's ET goal. We won, but still I thought we were easily going to get that win, Cisse did manage to score within three minutes of being put there.

The coach did not have Gerrard play because he didn’t pass a fitness, Cisse, Sinama and Sissoko were not starters and Moores didn't get us Michael Owen, so Who was it that was supposed to score? I guess I am being anti-racist again, but seriously the three black players were our card to win.

Obviously not Garcia and Morientes, they just kept me stating the obvious: "If only it was Owen". They were slow and very bad on finishing; they topped it up by passing back numerously because they couldn't go forward. Still, Congrats.

Rafael Benitez, the club's Manager, was taking a lot of chances and was trying to prove something, only I couldn't figure it out.

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