Baby Malak

I got a new niece this week, Malak, on my girlfriend's birthday, the 17th, which seemed to be a cute coincidence. Then I got thinking about baby names, though a commitment-phobic I seem to dwell on the idea of naming my children, I guess it's a control fantasy, where you get to control something about someone, for pretty much the rest of their life. I went as my habit and read up on it, judging by the number of sites offering ideas and advice; parents think too much about it.

I mean the list of advice goes on to suggest everything from not giving in to family pressure to choosing a name suitable with your last name. This is where I can relate: Radi Radi was not very well thought about, I had quite a few conversations about it that I could have lived without.

What I really think matters the most is the stereotyping. I knew way too many gorgeous May s and quite a few mixed-blood Nadia s that I just assume so when I hear the name.

I didn't know a Nadia in my life that was not an interracial product. I can count up to 7 of these instances out of the top of my head. It just seems to suit many races very well. But seriously when you hear the name mo3ath, you presume he comes from a religious Muslim background, just as Barbie is associated with beautiful blondes and Myron with Nerds in the west.

The next most important thing is to not use names that sound like common names, you can't call a girl Zeena and not expect her teachers to call her Zaina. Don't call them Malek and they won't be mistaken for Maleek or Malik. Malak, my niece, is going to be called Malaak in school but at least if she reads this when she grows up she will know I have some insight.

Total of Nephews: 1
Total of Nieces: 5

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