Amman, too packed!?

Amman, my lovely city, it's a place I seriously can't live without. Thing is people from outside only experience it in summers. They don't get the full deal, definitely tricked out of most of its charm.

To understand a place, any place, get the groove of the cabbies; those drivers usually have a lot to tell about the place. See on a day like today, my girlfriend couldn't pick me up with her car so we had to grab a cab. In summers, not so much fun…

We did go to far end of Swefieh and had a couple of slices at Sicily's Pizza. Great place but a bit of a headache to reach, the cabbie told me that he refuses to go to the market area in Swefieh; he said he denied a passenger before me.

The reason is: Amman is getting too packed this summer. Amman is a city that extends horizontally, and except for a few hotels and office buildings in Jabal Amman, you don't need large roads, small buildings around 3-6 floors are the general theme. You can't expect the government to build a five lane street which only going to be used by two hundred families. But when that road leads to a shopping area, you better bet you will be stuck on it when the tourists come.

This summer was a curse and a blessing, a curse in the sense that it's just too packed to go anywhere, a blessing in the sense that the economy is flourishing. I would love for the summer season to go, but I can't wait for it to leave since I haven't had a decent seat in a place, nor a decent drive in our mountainous baby, Amman.

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