Airplane accidents

Heard about the airplane accidents going on left and right? Scary? Not to me, see I believe in numbers. The odds on you dying in an airplane are too low, I think that statistic went something like: The odds of you dying in your car are two hundred times higher than in an aircraft.

Think about it, 96% of those in aircraft accidents actually survived, Who do you know that has had an aircraft accident? Odds are no one, but the media focuses on the fatal accident more than the surviving accidents. My deepest sincere condolences to anyone who lost anyone in an aircraft accident. But still, I won't loose sleep over it. I would loose sleep over cab drivers though ;) .

I wouldn't say I'm not at all worried, but I still think it was all preventable, 85% of airplane accidents are avoidable, under superior maintenance, attentive piloting and proper adherence to procedures in general, none of the troubles of last week would have happened.

Peace, Out.

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