We won, ypee :(

So we did win the Super Cup, but was it really that good? I mean you have to give credit for Djibril Cisse for his amazing equalizer and the goal that set us up to win in Extra Time. He also was responsible for aiding in Luis Garcia's ET goal. We won, but still I thought we were easily going to get that win, Cisse did manage to score within three minutes of being put there.

The coach did not have Gerrard play because he didn’t pass a fitness, Cisse, Sinama and Sissoko were not starters and Moores didn't get us Michael Owen, so Who was it that was supposed to score? I guess I am being anti-racist again, but seriously the three black players were our card to win.

Obviously not Garcia and Morientes, they just kept me stating the obvious: "If only it was Owen". They were slow and very bad on finishing; they topped it up by passing back numerously because they couldn't go forward. Still, Congrats.

Rafael Benitez, the club's Manager, was taking a lot of chances and was trying to prove something, only I couldn't figure it out.



Why we are going to bring the UEFA Super Cup home.

Ok, so we did loose against CSKA Sofia 1-0 but still I knew we would make it to the group's stage. We were set in against Chelsea after we lost our country protection for finishing in fifth, but for the life of me I can't remember when Chelsea lost their country protection. Hey, we beat them in the semi-final of the Champions' League; we might as well beat them in the group stages.

The other two teams are Anderlecht and Real Betis. I think we will make it up another stage, but then it will be hard, not saying that it's easy right now.

Ok, so let me correct my previous post, in 2001, a very memorable year, we won five trophies; I don't even know what to call that. I'll call it a pentio. Of course the Super Cup we are playing for today could have been ours two more times, but we let it go because we were too busy. Seriously checkout http://www.uefa.com/competitions/SuperCup/history/index.html

Check the Records:
On the Domestic:
League Champions: 18 times (RECORD)
1900-01, 1905-06, 1921-22, 1922-23, 1946-47, 1963-64, 1965-66, 1972-73, 1975-76, 1976-77, 1978-79, 1979-80, 1981-82, 1982-83, 1983-84, 1985-86, 1987-88, 1989-90

Charity Shield Winners: 14 Times (2nd Best Record)
1964, 1965, 1966, 1974, 1976, 1977, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1990, 2001

League Cup Winners: 7 times (RECORD)
1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1995, 2001, 2003

F.A. Cup Winners: 6 times (5th Best Record)
1965, 1974, 1986, 1989, 1992, 2001

On the Continental:
UEFA Champions League 5 Times (3rd Best Record):
1977, 1978, 1981, 1984, 2005

UEFA Cup 3 times (RECORD):
1973, 1976, 2001

UEFA Super Cup 2 times (2nd Best Record):
1977, 2001

We will win today, especially since the manager put on rests a few players in the CSKA Sofia match (that's why we lost!!!) and saved them for today. How many goals will we score is the question. ;)

Break a leg, LIVERPOOL


You'll Never Walk Alone

Well just wanna wish Liverpool FC good luck on this season; I know we won the Champions League last season but still it's scary we don't get a seat at the 32. The world cup does the same thing, but hey we can easily make to the 32. Hoping Owen comes back and hoping Moores would dig deep enough in his pocket to pay up for the kopite hero.

We won the first match of the premiership against Sunderland 1-0. The first two matches of the EUFA Champions League knockout stage against TNS twice 3-0, the next ones we won 3-1 and 2-0 against FBK Kaunas and for the third knockout stage CSKA Sofia 3-1. The next one is tomorrow at Anfield against Sofia.

We are too early in the season to have any losses, and we only tied once in the Barclays Championship against Middlesbrough. We are on a good run for a treble if Owen comes back.
Liverpool FC 101:
  • Anfield: The field we play at, our stadium, and so will be called our new 60,000 seat stadium planned to be built.

  • Kop: another term for Anfield

  • Kopite: A fan of Liverpool FC

  • Liverpool FC: Liverpool Football Club, they play what is in British English Football or what many parts of the world just call soccer. More than 100 years, no English club can match the Liverpool FC roll of honour; League Champions 18 times, FA Cup winners 6 times, League Cup winners 6 times, European Cup winners 5 times and UEFA Cup winners 3 times. That's a total of 38 amazing achievements, not to mention the club double in 1986 with FA cup and League. And don't forget the cup treble –triple- in 2001, we are talking three cups in one season, FA cup, Worthington cup and the UEFA cup!!!Never happened in History, will happen –hopefully- again this season, with Owen again on the squad.

  • Liverpudlian: A fan of Liverpool.

  • Moores: Liverpool Chairman

  • You'll Never Walk Alone: Theme Song and Motto Of Liverpool FC
More lessons to come
Best of luck Liverpool


Amman, too packed!?

Amman, my lovely city, it's a place I seriously can't live without. Thing is people from outside only experience it in summers. They don't get the full deal, definitely tricked out of most of its charm.

To understand a place, any place, get the groove of the cabbies; those drivers usually have a lot to tell about the place. See on a day like today, my girlfriend couldn't pick me up with her car so we had to grab a cab. In summers, not so much fun…

We did go to far end of Swefieh and had a couple of slices at Sicily's Pizza. Great place but a bit of a headache to reach, the cabbie told me that he refuses to go to the market area in Swefieh; he said he denied a passenger before me.

The reason is: Amman is getting too packed this summer. Amman is a city that extends horizontally, and except for a few hotels and office buildings in Jabal Amman, you don't need large roads, small buildings around 3-6 floors are the general theme. You can't expect the government to build a five lane street which only going to be used by two hundred families. But when that road leads to a shopping area, you better bet you will be stuck on it when the tourists come.

This summer was a curse and a blessing, a curse in the sense that it's just too packed to go anywhere, a blessing in the sense that the economy is flourishing. I would love for the summer season to go, but I can't wait for it to leave since I haven't had a decent seat in a place, nor a decent drive in our mountainous baby, Amman.

Airplane accidents

Heard about the airplane accidents going on left and right? Scary? Not to me, see I believe in numbers. The odds on you dying in an airplane are too low, I think that statistic went something like: The odds of you dying in your car are two hundred times higher than in an aircraft.

Think about it, 96% of those in aircraft accidents actually survived, Who do you know that has had an aircraft accident? Odds are no one, but the media focuses on the fatal accident more than the surviving accidents. My deepest sincere condolences to anyone who lost anyone in an aircraft accident. But still, I won't loose sleep over it. I would loose sleep over cab drivers though ;) .

I wouldn't say I'm not at all worried, but I still think it was all preventable, 85% of airplane accidents are avoidable, under superior maintenance, attentive piloting and proper adherence to procedures in general, none of the troubles of last week would have happened.

Peace, Out.

Baby Malak

I got a new niece this week, Malak, on my girlfriend's birthday, the 17th, which seemed to be a cute coincidence. Then I got thinking about baby names, though a commitment-phobic I seem to dwell on the idea of naming my children, I guess it's a control fantasy, where you get to control something about someone, for pretty much the rest of their life. I went as my habit and read up on it, judging by the number of sites offering ideas and advice; parents think too much about it.

I mean the list of advice goes on to suggest everything from not giving in to family pressure to choosing a name suitable with your last name. This is where I can relate: Radi Radi was not very well thought about, I had quite a few conversations about it that I could have lived without.

What I really think matters the most is the stereotyping. I knew way too many gorgeous May s and quite a few mixed-blood Nadia s that I just assume so when I hear the name.

I didn't know a Nadia in my life that was not an interracial product. I can count up to 7 of these instances out of the top of my head. It just seems to suit many races very well. But seriously when you hear the name mo3ath, you presume he comes from a religious Muslim background, just as Barbie is associated with beautiful blondes and Myron with Nerds in the west.

The next most important thing is to not use names that sound like common names, you can't call a girl Zeena and not expect her teachers to call her Zaina. Don't call them Malek and they won't be mistaken for Maleek or Malik. Malak, my niece, is going to be called Malaak in school but at least if she reads this when she grows up she will know I have some insight.

Total of Nephews: 1
Total of Nieces: 5


Whats with internet cafes

I have a certain obsession with checking my mail. Although I don't seem to send friends any emails, I seem to keep getting stuff all the time. Part of the obsession is to check my mail from internet cafes whenever I run into one. It just seems crazy but I keep doing it. This is when I get my most writing urges. Anything I wrote and got published is almost always written in an internet cafe. Even my blog and my site I only seem to update them here. Yes, I am right now in one just off the airport.

Why headwind

Headwind is just a weird concept in flying, you need a good amount of it for a nice takeoff but then enroute it will just hold you there, it will slow you down or just annoy the crap out of you, after that you just wish for some of it on your landing to make it smooth. That's the exact deal with life, when you have something you get rid of it, and once you lose it you you just keep praying to get it back. Who said pilots can't be philosophers?